WORM WINCH LCH-0,5 (0,7, 1)


Product designation:

  • Worm winch LCH-0,5-МК is designed for lifting mobile headframes with lighting equipment on high mast supports.
  • Worm winch is a device assembled from a frame of the worm gearbox 1CH63АМ-50 and a drum.
  • Worm winch is not designed for lifting people.
  • When transporting goods above people, an additional load-holding device should be used.
Winches are used under the following operating conditions:
  • intermittent operation with a duration of 10% duty cycle and 30 minutes of a single cycle;
  • the rotational speed of the input shaft should not exceed 500 rpm;
  • ambient temperature from +40°С to - 40° С;
The scope of supply includes:
  • Worm winch;
  • Datasheet of worm winch;
  • Datasheet of the gearbox 1CH63АМ.

Operation information

The winch is mounted on a horizontal support. When using the winch:

  1. It is not allow lifting the load exceeding the rated load capacity.
  2. The oblique lifting of the load, hauling the load on the ground, the operation requiring unknown efforts are prohibited.
  3. Load swinging is not allowed.
  4. See maintenance of the gearbox 1CH63АМ in the datasheet.


LCH-0,5-МК LCH-0,7-МК LCH-1-МК
Load-lifting capacity, tf 0,5 0,7 1
Drum diameter, mm 60 60 82
Drum capacity, m 45 45 47
Rope diameter, m 6 6 8
Overall dimensions  of winch 296х240х240 296х240х240 350х218х212
Weight of winch without rope, kg 28 28 22



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